Geri Johnson

Owner and Founder.

Owner and Founder of Kingdom Court Creations, Geri Johnson is a seasoned Business Professional, who has worked in Corporate America for over 20 years in both Operations and Training, specializing in Learning – Career, Organization and Leadership Development.

While working as an Operations Manager at a Fortune 500 company, Geri realized a consistent disconnect between Operations and Training. The training courses being provided, lacked Subject Matter Experts who possessed “real life” experiences, on the topics they were presenting. Being taught Leadership Techniques from a Facilitator who had never been in a Leadership role; therefore, couldn’t understand the day to day challenges, or provide feasible solutions to work challenges, created frustration.

After several years of focusing on learning concepts, principles, styles and techniques, in addition to becoming an Instructional Designer, Geri transitioned over from Operations to Training and Development, where she learned her positive impact was far greater than anyone would have expected! This unique blend of having the experience of working for both Operations and Training, coupled with the ability to create her own training material, equipped her with the resources and knowledge to understand all views of an organization, becoming a greater asset.

Passionate about being a Mentor, Teacher and Coach, and grounded in her Love for God, Geri stepped out in Faith and left Corporate America to start KCC, expanding her customer base, and gaining the flexibility to be able to offer services to the community, and individuals seeking assistance with their personal aspirations.

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